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Tarpon Springs is a very old city with a lot of history, a few places that we know of is the old slave cemetery and the Manors. Nightwolf Paranormal Research has investigated the old slave cemetery with very good results (see photo page) we are also looking for other places to check out that might prove worthwhile.  With the old slave cemetery we had a great night as soon as we pulled in one of our members started to sense spiritual energy near by. As we walked through the cemetery we felt a lot of cold spots that were extremely cold, as we continued on we felt a very big cold spot in one portion of the cemetery near a family plot that's where snapped a picture of the area (photo #4). After a few hours we decided to take a break and get some food, after eating we went back to do some more but we decided to leave considering a light mist was settling in and we know we were not gonna get very go pictures so we left for the night. As a paranormal group we are all ways looking for new and exciting places to investigate.