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The starting of Nightwolf Paranormal Research happened on one faithful night when the two founding members (Josh and Joe) and two others decided one night around 2:30 in the morning to drive down to the insane asylum in Tarpon Springs just for something to do. After that Josh turned to Joe and asked if they  wanted to go to the cemetery, they agreed and headed there. When we got there we pulled into the graveyard just a little bit and backed out just to give everyone the chills. As we where driving away Joe asked if we could go back, Josh agreed and we turned around and went back. When we pulled into the graveyard turned of the lights and sat there for little bit, after awhile we faintly heard a sound off in the distance no one said anything at first denying at what we heard, a few second later we heard the sound again but closer and louder, that's when we looked at each other puzzled. Not to long after that we heard it again but it sounded like it was right outside the car it sounded like a woman yelling "hey guys" but muffled a little bit. When we heard that we got out of there as quick as possible as we where leaving Josh looked out the window and noticed movement in the trees next to the drive. That was enough excitement for one night.