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Report - 000001
Date - April 7, 2001
Location - Rosehill Cemetery, Tarpon Springs, FL
Time - 12:15pm
Moon - Full & bright (verified by calendar)
Weather - Clear
Temperture - Low 70's

 Before we left Josh's house to go to the cemetery, Icalled the Tarpon Springs police non-emergency telephone number. I spoke with officer Eaton, and informed him that we would be in the cemetery, in case neighbors reported seeing the van, or lights from our equipment.
 We pulled over on to the Rec Center side of the cemetery before. ( This was a precaution because of the previous visit, when we expreicened some activity that caused us to be more cautious this time.)
Josh Bailey offered the St. Michael's Prayer, and we procedded to enter the cemetery. The following were present - Josh Bailey (21 yo), Cathy DuPont (?), Susan Trebswether (16 yo), and Tony Frick (17 yo). I do not recall the exact equipment we brought on this particular visit, other then the EMF detector, and the desicion was made to stay together as a group (instead of breaking into two teams). I recorded, on a hand-held tape recorder our notes for the purpose of this report. According to my verbal notes, immediatly upon leaving the van, we heard a "cry" which in our opinion sounded like a nightbird, possibly even a peacock, a wipper-o-will (different bird) immediatly started a loud, and frequent cry. The actual location of the bird was difficult to follow.                                                                                        
 We also heard the barking of a fox, or some other small animal.
At the back of the cemetery, an orb was spotted by Cathy, Tony, Josh. According to my oral notes, it was up near the tree tops. We also experienced, near the chain-link fence, near the residential side of the cemetery, a strong, and pungent odor, which bore a resemblance to animal urine, but the stench was overpowering, and difficult to stand for very long.
 We left the cemetery at 1:15am. and Josh Bailey offered the closing prayer.