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ummmmm..... lets see i'm not sure what to write???  well i'll start out by sayin i'm the Screw up of the group i'm the most immature and the one most likely to get his butt kicked by all the other members in the group.  but seriously i lived in upstate  new york  up untill two years ago now i live in what i like to call hell or what others call it oldsmar, flordia.  i love doin all of this parinormal stuff it's totally cool ( o mean come on walkin around in graveyards and haunted house in the middle of the night with your friends what's not to like) oh well i think that's it but if not oh well.  but before i go i must leave everyone checkin out our site one and only one thing you will need to know to get trough your day.
i'm woody howdy howdy howdy
sorry everyone i told you i was a screw up oh well. and just incase any of you people want to e-mail me go right ahead i'm at  
don't be afraid i won't bite.